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Demonstration Initiative

Alongside the real barriers people with developmental disabilities face in accessing inclusive, affordable housing, there are also innovative solutions being implemented across the country that are overcoming these barriers. Through our Demonstration Initiative, My Home My Community is profiling innovative approaches to inclusive, affordable housing models that not only provide support, but also advance social inclusion for individuals with a developmental disability.  

We are creating and sharing knowledge about what makes these leading-edge innovations work: their necessary conditions; critical partnerships; financing instruments; corporate structures; community networks; and support system design and delivery. Our Demonstration Initiative is about finding and sharing what works, so that housing sector, community partners and families can take the lead in replicating these innovative solutions.  

Through its programs and focus on partnership to deliver mixed income, inclusive communities, the National Housing Strategy increases the opportunity for inclusive housing to be developed at a larger scale. Our Demonstration Initiative is pairing this opportunity with the practical knowledge to support a Canada-wide transition from group homes to housing that is centered around the individual and situated in community.