My Home My Community is a national, multi-year initiative that is opening doors to inclusive affordable housing for people with developmental disabilities – a group that includes people with intellectual disabilities. We are driving innovation in housing development and community supports, to ensure all Canadians with developmental disabilities have a home that gives them choice, freedom, safety, and inclusion in their community.

Over 100,000 Canadians with developmental disabilities cannot access affordable housing that provides the support they need, while also enabling choice, freedom, and inclusion in community. Many live in poverty and cannot afford housing that meets their basic needs. Many are homeless. Many have no other option but poorly suited group residences, or seniors’ facilities far before the age of 65. Increasingly, many adults with developmental disabilities rely entirely on aging parents for both personal care and financial help, parents who ask themselves, “What will happen to my child when I am no longer here?”

The Government of Canada recognizes this need. The National Housing Strategy (NHS) has identified persons with developmental disabilities as a priority population in need of better housing options. This term includes people with an intellectual disability. The NHS has also affirmed housing as “a cornerstone of inclusive communities.”

 My Home My Community is working with partners across Canada to make inclusive communities and better housing options for people with developmental disabilities a reality. We are leading innovation and collaboration to:

  • Build the evidence base of what it takes to give people with developmental disabilities the same housing choice as everybody else, and develop policy solutions to encourage family, government and private sector investment in inclusive affordable housing. 

  • Guide advocacy, social infrastructure, and housing developments according to a clear vision of what inclusive housing and communities look like.

  • Prototype and scale up inclusive housing models across the country, by leveraging existing housing stock and capital.