What we Do

My Home My Community is leading the development of new housing pathways for people with developmental disabilities, from innovation to implementation.

Having a home of one’s own is about more than just a roof over one’s head. It means choice, safety, financial security, and meaningful opportunity to be part of a community. My Home My Community is confronting the barriers that have kept these things out of reach for people with developmental disabilities for generations. To do this, we are forging new linkages with those who have vital pieces to bring in building inclusive communities: residential and community support agencies, adults with developmental disabilities, families, financial institutions, housing developers, thought leaders, governments, and community networks designing safer and more inclusive communities.   

We address these linkages through our work across three key areas: 

Research and Policy

We are building the evidence base of what it takes to build inclusive affordable housing that meets the needs of people with developmental disabilities. We develop and propose solutions to help governments make inclusive affordable housing a reality.   

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Indicators of Inclusive Housing

Designing the Portable Housing Benefit – Disability Program

RDSP Solutions Lab

Communications and Education

We are raising awareness on what inclusive housing looks like in tangible terms, to help families and self-advocates expect inclusive options and to help housing developers create them. 

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Demonstration Initiative

Housing Development

We are working to prototype and scale the creation of more inclusive housing models, by leveraging untapped assets and resources in communities across Canada.

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Asset Inventory

Through our work with families and local community partners, we have found three pathways with significant potential to develop inclusive housing options for people with developmental disabilities:

1.     Individual and/or family-led housing solutions – Many families have ideas about how to develop their own housing solutions, and some have already been successful in carrying them out. With some support, knowledge sharing, and tools, more individuals and families can take action for themselves.

2.     Local ACL-Led Partner Solutions – Local and provincial/territorial Associations for Community Living and other community organization can work with individuals, families, housing providers and private developers to ensure there are units within larger developments dedicated to people with developmental disabilities.

3.     New Development and Regeneration – There are already substantial resources and assets in communities across Canada that could be used to create new inclusive affordable housing. We are developing the tools to help housing providers and developers turn this untapped potential into new housing for people with developmental disabilities.