People coming together to create the outline of a home.

My Home My Community (MHMC) has launched three surveys to get a better idea of what it takes to give people with developmental disabilities more choice in the kind of housing they live in. Help us by taking a confidential survey today.

My Home My Community (MHMC) helps deliver on shared priorities for increasing affordable housing, reducing poverty, improving access for Canadians with disabilities to needed community services and growing inclusive social infrastructure through innovative social and financial investments. This is because MHMC is about more than housing. It forges new linkages between residential and community support agencies, adults with intellectual disabilities, families, financial institutions, housing developers, community networks designing safer and more inclusive communities, thought leaders and government partners. Together, we are confronting the path dependence and barriers to access that have left people with intellectual disabilities outside of affordable housing markets and community access for generations. Efforts like these will help break the cycle of poverty and exclusion that affects so many people with disabilities. 

MHMC is at work bringing solutions to people with intellectual disabilities, their families and communities – increasing housing choices and opportunity, growing individual assets and income security, seeding innovative investment options and strengthening social infrastructure.