Housing Development

Asset Inventory

At least 24,000 Canadians with a developmental disability are in core housing need – meaning their home either needs major repairs, is unaffordable, or doesn’t have the bedrooms to suit their needs. This is in addition to those who are living in hospitals, homeless shelters, seniors’ facilities, or with parents in financially unsustainable situations. 

The National Housing Strategy has set a goal to develop 2,400 new housing units for individuals with a developmental disability. My Home My Community has identified pathways to meet and surpass this goal, to ensure all Canadians with developmental disabilities have access to inclusive, affordable housing.   

From a sample of communities in different markets across Canada, we’ve estimated for the first time the national potential and demand for inclusive affordable housing for people with developmental disabilities. We have catalogued assets that already exist in communities across Canada that can be used to create more inclusive, affordable housing – such as property that could be redeveloped, financial resources that could be put towards new housing, and relationships that could help someone receive the support they need from housing that is situated in the broader community. 

Our asset inventory identified significant untapped potential that we estimate could be leveraged to create up to 19,826 units for Canadians with developmental disabilities. My Home My Community is at work developing these tools, resources and partnerships, to make this potential for more inclusive, affordable housing a reality.  

To learn more about Canada’s untapped potential to create more inclusive, affordable housing, read our report here.